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For Affiliation to Caltech,

  • U for Undergrad student
  • G for Grad student
  • P for Postdoc
  • S for Staff
  • F for Faculty
  • J for JPL
  • J! for JPL & Caltech
  • SS for Summer Student (e.g. SURF)
  • A for Alumni
  • O for Other (e.g. general community members)

For yes/no categories,

  • Y for Yes, and N for No
  • Use a bold Y (the markup for this is '''Y''') to emphasize your favorite activities
  • A for Aspiring (e.g. you want to participate in the activity, but are a beginner)
Member directory
User info Rock Climbing Mountain Climbing Skiing Misc. interests
NameUser pageAffiliation FollowingTrad (leading)Sport (leading)Bouldering HikingScramblingTechnicalIce ResortBackcountry (please describe)
Stephen Becker User:Srbecker G YYNY YYYY AA Eating
Kimberly Becker User:Christekn O YAAY YYYA YA Baking pies for hungry climbers
Dan Bower User:Dan SA Y A A A Y Y Y A Y Y
Danielle Bower User:dvbrown G Y A A A Y Y Y A Y Y
Prakhar Goel User:Newt0311 A AAYY YNNN NN Hangar 18 Carpools
Greg Huey User:Gregory_huey J! YYYbleh YYYY YY Pushing the envelope
Gary Kleiger User:Kleiger P Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N N Y I like to party like its 1999.
Hamik Mukelyan User:Hamik U Y Y N N Y Y Y Y N Y Pretension
Martin Peek User:martinpeek A A A A Y Y Y Y A Y A brains
Patrick Sanan User:Patrick G Y Y Y A Y Y Y Y Y A Photography
Erik Schomburg User:Schomburg G Y A Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y Bandanna modeling
Pratyush Tiwary User:Blackdog G Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y A A I can eat 500 g of Nutella in less than 500 seconds.
Nick Stadie User:nstadie G N N N N Y Y A N Y Y Just givin'er since 1985
Garrett Drayna User:Garrett A Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y N Finding ways to come back to the west coast.
Eric Blood User:eblood J Y A Y Y Y A A A Y A Launching stuff to the moon (oh, and mars too, apparently)
Michael Böttger User:Michael O Y Y Y Y Y N N N N Y Finding nice places to climb
Javier Gonzalez User:namascar A Y Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y Hangin' n bangin'
Jack Ziegler User:jackalak G Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Getting lost for fun, big yosemite and alpine walls, climbing in the dark, weight training, running, pullup and arm wrestling contests, and looking good
Doug Hoffman User:Doug P A A A N Y Y A A Y A Cycle touring, peak bagging
Bryan M User:bmo O Y A Y Y Y Y Y A Y Y Most recent: scuba diving. Most longstanding: snowboarding. Also airplanes.
Josh Zahl User:jzahl A Y N N Y Y Y Y N N N
Ryan Kinnett User:rkinnett J Y A A Y Y Y A A Y A SURFING. Scuba, brewing. Surfing again
Hikin' Jim User:hikin_jim O NNNN YYNN NY Raising my daughter, stoves, XC Skiing, XC Hiking
Rik Williams User:rjw AO Y N A N Y Y A N N bleh lightweight backpacking, getting out of LA, staying in LA
Danica Marsden User:Danicam P YYYY YYYY YY
Richard Dekany User:airydisk SA Y Y Y Y Y Y A N Y A Orienteering, mtn biking, kayak and combinations thereof
Melodie Kao User:Melodie G Y N N N Y Y A N A A bike touring, running for a long time, assorted adventuring, thinking about space, building stuff
Ute Zimmermann User:outdoorgirl SA Y Y Y N Y Y Y N Y A swimming, running, bike rides, kayak, diving, and love to bake!
Heidi Preschler User:Heidi O Y Y Y N Y Y N N Y N food, films, literature, languages and idea
Dillon Ross User:DRoss O N N N N Y Y N N N N cars, photography, laughing
Megan Bergkessel User:mbergkes P Y Y Y Y Y Y Y A Y Y drawing, printmaking, biking
Phil Esra User:phile O Y Y Y Y N N N N Y Y none
George Privon User:Gprivon G Y Y Y meh Y Y Y Y Y A photography, cycling
Sarah Sherman User:ssherman J NNNN YAAA NN Cooking, running, swimming, cycling, urban gardening

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