This is a small depository of esoteric anime lyrics and anime lyric translations. By esoteric, I usually mean that they were pretty much non-existant on the internet until I decided to transcribe (either directly from a cd cover, or if that wasn't available, from listening alone) and/or translate them myself. No sounds. No graphics. No high bandwidth. Just a simple index below of mostly my own works plus a link to a directory of all the files. All lyrics are in new-jis format.

I do occasionally make revisions, and some other sites may have posted older versions of my stuff. Therefore, even if you already have any of these lyrics, you may want to redownload (look/click on the "last modified" column in the directory).

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    Bakuen Campus Guardress

  • Innocent Heart (ending theme) (translated)

    Bannou Bunka Neko Musume (All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku)

  • Yume Hurry Up (2nd OAV opening theme)

    Bubblegum Crisis the Story of Knight Sabers, Mega Tokyo 2032

  • Kodoku no Angel (OAV insert song) (translated)

    Dominion Crusher Police, New

  • Just Toki o Koete (opening theme) (translated)
  • Just Fallin' Love (ending theme) (translated)

    Five Star Stories, The

  • Hitomi no Naka no Far Away (ending theme) (translated)

    FLCL (FuriKuri)

  • I Think I Can (insert song) (translated)
  • Ride on Shooting Star (ending theme) (translated)

    Galaxy Fraulein Yuna

  • Tsukikage ni Oyasumi (1st ending theme) (translated)

    Gall Force

  • Ryoute Ippai no Johnny (Eternal Story ending theme) (translated)
  • Uta e!! Requiem (Eternal Story insert song) (translated)


  • Anata ni Ai ni Yuku kara (3rd ending theme) (translated)

    Gunbuster, Top o Nerae

  • Top o Nerae Fly High (insert song) (translated)

    Gundam, Mobile Suit

  • Tooi Kioku (0080 War in a Pocket ending theme) (translated)
  • Men of Destiny (0083 Stardust Memory 2nd opening theme) (translated)
  • Evergreen (0083 Stardust Memory 2nd ending theme) (translated)
  • Eternal Wind ~Hohoemi wa Hikaru Kaze no Naka~ (F91 ending theme) (translated)

    Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita)

  • Cyborg Mermaid (ending theme) (translated)

    Kurenai no Buta (Porco Rosso)

  • Toki ni wa Mukashi no Hanashi o (ending theme) (translated)

    Magical Knight Rayearth

  • All You Need is Love (OAV ending theme) (translated)

    Mahou Tsukai Tai!

  • Mata Ashita (ending theme) (translated)

    Metal Fighter Miku

  • Kaze ni Naru made (opening theme)
  • Hitomi wa 1000 KARATTO (ending theme)

    Patlabor the Mobile Police

  • Paradise no Kakuritsu (2nd TV ending theme) (translated)
  • Ai o Nemurasenaide (Patlabor 2 the Movie image theme) (translated)

    Please Save My Earth

  • Mikazuki no Shindai (image song) (translated)

    Tenchi Muyo

  • Yume wa Doko e Itta (Shin Tenchi Muyo TV (2nd season) opening theme) (translated)

    Violinist of Hameln, The

  • Magical Labyrinth (1st TV opening theme) (translated)
  • Kizudarake no Tsubasa (Wounded Wings) (2nd TV ending theme) (translated)


  • Endless Rain (insert song) (translated)

    X 1999

  • Forever Love (ending theme) (translated)

    Yuugen Kaisha

  • That's Yuugen Kaisha (opening theme)

    Esoteric Anime Lyrics and Anime Lyric Translations Page Mini-FAQ and other useless BS

  • Q: Where are the romanji's? I can't read these lyrics without them.
  • A: There aren't any here. I used katakana instead. This all started back when I used to really suck at katakana, relative to romanji, hiragana, even kanji, and it really annoyed me that I had such a hard time interpreting it when watching anime or reading manga. So I basically converted all the romanji from my lyrics collection into katakana and forced myself to read them that way. Well, I know katakana now and can read it fast enough when it flashes on TV, but it was a pretty traumatic education. So now I'm taking out all my miseries from those first few weeks of forced-reading out on you. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Actually, because I no longer need to teach myself katakana, I'm in the process of converting it all into hiragana ^_^
  • Q: I can't read any of these lyrics period.
  • A: You probably aren't running any software that can read jis-code then. If you have a wintel machine, there is a free Japanese word processor (JWPce) at that you can use.
  • This is a small, ESOTERIC archive. If you're an anime newbie, there are bigger and better anime lyrics repositories elsewhere. I just post stuff that I can't find.

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