[Me outside at a hair-dying party] [Me in the lighting booth at Kontrol Faktory]
Me outside at a hair-dying party. Me in the booth at Kontrol Faktory.

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Links to stuff I've done:

My resume
the UGCS Coffeepot Home Page
This is a home page made for the coffeepot that sits in the Undergraduate Computer Science Lab at Caltech. The first page is original text, the rest of it is the official manual provided by the manufacturer. I debated whether to correct the grammatical, spelling, and style errors in the manufacturer's manual, but eventually decided to leave it as-is.

Some day I plan to do an edited version of the manual, but I was afraid that if someone followed my edited version, and something happened to them, lawsuit-crazy LA would claim me as its victim. I'm not sure what horrible thing could result from misuse of a coffee maker, but, well, one never knows.

the Browser Features Test Page
the Table Test page
My friend Wart originally came up with the idea of a "browser features test page" as something of a joke back in 1994. He wrote the original code for the page.

I had just started learning HTML at the time, and thought maintaining the page would be a good study project. I went out and tracked down a bunch of new features, and in the process discovered Tables, which were new at the time.

You can tell how long ago in terms of the development of the web both of these projects were when you see which browsers I was checking! What's "Mosaic?"

Hair Dying
Some people I know in Seattle started talking about dying their hair funny colors. I realized most of them had never dyed anyone's hair before - not even their own! So, I decided to fly up and help them. Wren, who also knows how to dye hair, went too. These are some pictures that Carrie took.
Small World Vision Ad Banners
Large World Vision Ad Banner
Both of these sets of ad banners were designed for World Vision, a hunger relief organization. Michelle Counts did the art direction for them, and I handled the art production.

The four small banners were originally designed to go up in an ad rotation on the website for Christianity Today. I also started writing a Perl script to give us some simple tracking information. Ultimately, only one of the banners ended up being used, and we decided there was little point in tracking only one banner, so the script was never finished. Some day, I will finish it and track who visits my website and clicks on the banners.

The large banner was to advertise a telethon on several Canadian TV stations. The revised version was active from Nov. 24, 1999 to Dec. 5, 1999 on the TV stations' websites. The only thing I do not like about this banner is the abruptness with which the yellow glow comes up behind the "Sing Out" logo. The client, however, liked it that way, and in commercial art, the client is always right. I am very, very fond of the layout on the banner frame that starts "Live Telethon.

Stuff I've said
Dan wrote Gale, an instant messaging system. A bunch of people (including the hair dying freaks mentioned previously) hang out there and talk all day. Some people made logs of this conversation available to the web. I will probably regret linking to this information some day. I am one mouthy, opinionated broad.

Sometimes, the CGI scripts for these logs are buggy. If, instead of getting a huge list of text on these pages, you get a little button that says "Space Moose Now," just hit refresh on your browser.

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Last update: December 1, 1999