Kimat - 1946 Lightning Class Sloop
Pictures #1
Repairs and the following sail

[03_0a.jpg] New rib along centerboard trunk.

[04_02.jpg] Same as above.

[05_03.jpg] New ribs and floor timbers under mast step.

[06_04.jpg] New forward floor timber.

[07_05.jpg] New forward port side rib.

[08_06.jpg] Bottom of boat before painting. Patches painted for moving the supports.

[09_07.jpg] Suspended from rafters to paint bottom. 2x4 supports the inside.

[10_08.jpg] Bottom after painting.

[11_09.jpg] Same as above.

[12_10.jpg] Same as above.

[13_11.jpg] Same as above. View from bow.

[14_12.jpg] Shot of mast and boat.

[15_13.jpg] Back down in the trailer, and ready for action.

[16_14.jpg] WN 5899 RC

[17_15.jpg] Back in the water, and ready to sail, with Karl & Mi-Young.

[18_16.jpg] The mast was too tall to fit it and the boat in one shot. Houseboats in the background.

[19_17.jpg] Ben, Karl, and Chris getting ready to sail.

[20_18.jpg] The sailors pose for the camera.

[21_19.jpg] Raising the mainsail.

[22_20.jpg] The main is raised.

[23_21.jpg] Sailing off into the sunset.





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