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Update - July 23rd

The hard drive on which my webpage resides crashed last week, but most things have been recovered. I hereby attribute any broken local links or other strangeness to that unfortunate occurance! ^_^

Japanese in Linux

I have a short guide on setting up Japanese input under linux here.


I've written a couple of scripts, mostly as extensions to other programs for when I'm too lazy to hack the source. Eventually I'll license these things, probably under the GPL.

Frog Grinding Towers

The celebrated treatise on Frog Grinding Towers by Michael Mueller, webalized by myself.

sh4-glibc and the Posix Semaphore bug

glibc-2.2.3 had a bug in posix semaphores. The problem seems to have been fixed, but only to a certain degree. See glibc-psem/glibc-psem.html for more information.

OmniORB on the ppc405

I recently wrote up some instructions and shell scripts for getting started with a cross-compiling installation of OmniORB. Instructions and links to downloads can be found in omni-ppc405/omni-ppc405.html, and the main tarball is in omni-ppc405.tar.gz.

Update: Servants are now working fine for me on the ppc 405. I just hadn't been complete enough in setting up the hostname in the network configuration of the embedded processor.

Created: Thursday January 3, 2002
Last modified: Tuesday July 23, 2002 01:17 PDT
Steven Mueller