"Hello and welcome to my Internet Home Page. Within you will find information on issues about which I care deeply including my work to protect and preserve the environment, help revitalize America's communities, reinvent the federal government to make it work better and cost less and not suck, support and strengthen families through annual policy conferences, and promote the developement and use of freedom. Enjoy your visit, and don't forget to take a look at one of my favorite spots - the List."

There are a few worthwhile things which I am involved with, and which I offer here for your enjoyment.. please feel free to check them out. They are:

I am a member of Dabney House, one of the undergraduate houses at Caltech.

The Pounded Clown! Home Page, and

The List, Southern California, an online version of The List, a wonderful list of punk/ska/etc. shows in Southern california. This page is updated weekly, and is now cross-indexed by show info. Tang, who compiled the list, quit, but once a replacement is found, the page will be updated again.




[an error occurred while processing this directive] I have finally gotten around to creating a resume, so if somebody ever feels like paying me for something, they can check it out. Here you can find a link to my CS20 project. It kicks much ass. Oh yeah, if you want, here are some pictures so you can see what I look like.
And if, for some reason, you want to mail me...