No. 26

The stereotypes presented in tis comic are obvious. Bazooka Joe insinuates that women place an unjustifiable amount of value on material gratification. Also consider the planet which Zena makes a reference to. Within the confines of Freudian analysis it is valid to state that it is actually Zena's subconscious that choose the planet upon which the mall exists rather than intergalactic city planners. This is a valid assumption when we realize that we never actually see any evidence, other than Zena's statement, for the existence of this mall. As far as we know the mall may only exist in the imagination of Zena. This being accepted, consider her choice of planet, Venus. Venus is named after the Roman god of beauty and love. Therefore by Zena's subconscious associating beauty with urgent importance (the fact that she makes the excuse that her excessive speed is an emergency) would indicate another stereotype that is not uncommon in this strip. That stereotype being the undue value women place on physical beauty.

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