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Something about Joy...

I was born in Dalian, China; I came to the United States in June 1996. It was quite a big change for me, but I love it here. =) I recently graduated from Caltech. College life there was definitely unique... lots of awesome people, and *fun* classes. =) I am majored in Computer Science and learned some, I think =P, useful skills.

My life took a turn, well maybe it was planned all along, in senior year--I took some education classes and ended up applying for a teacher's education program at Claremont Graducate University. Since summer of 2003, I have been enrolled in a wonderful program and teaching full time as a high school math teacher. (yes, I know, I am crazy! and yes, most of my students are much taller and bigger than me) Since I moved to Fort Irwin, I taught in a middle school for 3 years. It was fun! I did not know that I could fall in love teaching 7th and 8th graders! I miss them.

My husband and I have moved quite a bit since the summer 2007. We are now in Peoria, IL! I will start teaching in Manual High School in just a few weeks. The school is going through restructuring, and I am extremely proud to be part of the new Manual!! I will be teaching math in 10th-12th grades.

What is Joy like? Good question! Joy is... hyper, bouncy, weird (in a good way, I think *heehee*), short, squeaky, full of energy (according to Tasha), dreamy (sometimes), nerdy (duh, Techers are nerdy), anywhere from 19 to 42 (according to my students), love to smile and cry... loved by the most caring and protective parents... has the most wonderful friends... is in love with the most amazing guy, my husband.=)...

Joy's Schedule
Teaching all day at Manual High School in Peoria... and loving it... then come home to get ready for the baby's arrival. =P

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Joy's favorite links: (warning a lot of these websites are out of date... and some might not even be there anymore... sorry)

My friends... (Yes, I am aware that they are all, how should I put it, very unique individuals in their own way.)
Josh I think he is cute! =P And he is my husband!!! Oh my goodness I am MARRIED!!!!!
Tasha Vanesian She is my roommate, and yes, I know she can be weird sometimes... I mean most of the time. ;P
Katie Noyes No Katie, I am not a Frosh anymore!
Jennifer Lee JenJen!
Hannah Kim Hannah is good at DDR. =D
Karl Hammond *la-la-la* Here is Karl! *la-la-la*
Glenn Elliott Yeknom!
Will Peterson
Aaron Robison
Steve Berardi This page might not work... because Steve might not be running Linux 24-7.
Daniel Wu Daniel, my sneakers are quite dirty, you probably don't want to touch them. =P
Jeremy Boulton

Other Links...
Ruddock House -- My House! A wonderful place!
CCF -- Caltech Christian Fellowship! A group of awesome people!
Donut! (no, it is not a website that sells donuts!)
KOST 103.5 (soft rock... moooshie songs ;P)
AM 1300 (chinese radio station)
Yahoo! (Do you "Yahoo!"? =P)
Blue Mountain (free e-card)
Weather (weather for Pasadena, CA) (good used books for classes)
Google (good search engine)
Teoma (also good search engine)
AltaVista (their translations are pretty good)

Matrix Computations -- my CS20 project.
LT Calculator -- my CNS/EE/CS 188 project.

Joy's contact information...

Peoria/Dunlap, IL
email: my yahoo account or my gmail account, you should know them if you are a friend. =)

Last update: January 11, 2009