Unofficial Virtual Jyhad Expansion

Update: February 8, 2001: Revised layout of the web page. Card lists updated and now available in ELDB format. Playtest 21 and 22 starting soon.

These cards were designed by the members of a mailing list started in spring of 1997. Email if you want to join.

The cards in HTML format:

The cards in Elder Library Deck Builder 2.06 format: VTES.mdb (~ 600Kb)
This file contains all of the official cards, as well as the playtest cards. To install it, rename the VTES.mbd file in the ELDB folder (e.g., to VTESoriginal.mdb) and replace it with this one. Many thanks to Xian for converting and maintaing this file.

Statistics on the distribution of vampires by capacity and clan. Includes Sabbat War, thanks to Xian. Updated Mar 01 2001

List of discipline matches for the original and playtest vampires. Updated May 28 1999
Outdated. About 190K. Combinations possesed by only one vampire (not counting Ian Foresstal) are not listed. This list was generated with vmatch, a Perl program written by Johnny Tullner.

Lasombra mantains a list of Jyhad net expansions.

Official White Wolf VTES web site

These cards were playtested on Jyhad On Line in the "playtest" series of games. Playtest1, playtest3, playtest4, playtest5, playtest6, playtest7, playtest8, playtest9, playtest10, playtest11, playtest12, playtest13, playtest14, playtest15, playtest16, playtest17, playtest18, and playtest19 have finished. Playtest20 is in torpor. Playtest21 and playtest22 have started. (Playtest2 is something else.)

Dave McCarthy made a page that tracks the usage of playtest cards in playtest games.

Playtest1 results: Michael's Toreador deck (with no playtest cards) ousted Dave's Corruption deck for a total of 3 VPs. Dave also had 3 VPs. Playtesters' comments

Playtest3 results: Rob's Malk stealth/bleed deck wins with 3 VPs. Justin and Michael each got 1 VP, and Demos got 1 VP courtesy of Rob. Playtesters' comments

Playtest4 results: Steve's Setite deck (taken over by Justin the last few turns) ousts Dave's permanent intercept deck for a total of 4 VPs. Rob's Famous Day-Opping, Freak-Driving, Force-of-Willing Bane deck got 1 VP. Michael's Setite deck got the other VP.

Playtest5 results: Rob again wins, with a cel/pot permanent rush/bleed deck that racked up 4 VP. Justin's obfuscate weenie deck got 2 VP.

Playtest6 results: Rob's big vamp/stealth/bleed/politics deck (with no playtest cards) sweeps the table, getting all 6 VPs. Playtesters' comments

Playtest7 results: Chris's Tremere Anti stealth swarm bleed ally deck grabs 5 VPs. Rob's big vamp pot/for rush deck gets 1 VP. Playtesters' comments

Playtest8 results: Rob's animalism intercept deck wins with 3 VP. Justin's pro-pro combat deck, dav's dom/for Fame/Minion Tap/Soul Gem deck, and James's dom/ser deck each get 1 VP. Playtesters' comments

Playtest9 results: After a couple of self-ousts, Blinky's Malk Anti stealth/bleed deck and DSP's animalism deck tie with 3 VPs each. Chris's Cel/Dom/Vic deck gets the other 2 VPs. Playtesters' comments

Playtest11 results: John's Lasombra deck wins with 4 VP. Ryan's weenie presence vote and Justin's Tha/For deck each get 1 VP. Playtesters' comments

Playtest12 results: Justin's Obf/Pre stealth vote deck wins with 4 VP. Rob's Multiple Personality Disorder/Homunculus bleed-on-every-meth's-turn deck gets 2 VP. Playtesters' comments

Playtest13 results: Rob's Ravnos Antitribu Dark Prank/Embrace weenie deck, racks up 5 VPs. Xian's Lasombra combat deck and John's self-torporization deck each get 1 VP. Playtesters' comments

Playtest14 results: Xian wins, scoring 5 VPs with his Toreador deck. Blinky gets 1 VP with his Serpents of the Light deck. Playtesters' comments

Playtest15 results: John's Ventrue vote/bleed deck wins with 5 VPs. Justin's infinite loop Percy deck gets 1 VP. Playtesters' comments

Playtest16 results: Justin's weenie dom bleed deck, using a horribly broken and since fixed version of Anarch Coversion, sweeps the table.

Playtest17 results: Gomi's non-playtest Banishment/Might of the Camarilla deck wins with 3 VPs, thanks to a deal with Autarch, whose Assassination rush deck scored 2 VPs. Justin's ani/pot rush deck got 1 VP. Playtesters' comments

Playtest18 results: Justin's Brujah rush/vote/intercept deck wins with 5 VPs. Rob's Bane deck gets 1 VP.

Playtest19 results: Rob's Ravnos Antitribu Dark Prank/Embrace weenie deck (Mark 2) wins with 5 VPs. John's Malkavian Antitribu deck gets 1 VP.

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