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An Irish variation of potato bread made of grated raw potato, mashed potato, and flour. The name is probably an Anglicization of the Gaelic bacus, a term used to describe an oven or baking* implement such as a griddle* or pan.

Boxty* bread has a particular association with a number of midland and northern countries, especially Cavan, Tyrone, Fermanagh, and Derry.

Boxty* pancakes* and boxty* dumplings are also prepared and the consumption of such was held to augments a girl's marriage prospects:

Boxty* on the griddle*,
Boxty* on the pan,
If you don't eat your boxty*
You'll never get a man!

Traditionally boxty* was prepared as part of the Hallowe'en (31 October) and New Year's Day festive fare. It was also eatne throughout the year and often replaced bread at the midday meal or evening supper. A more substantial form of boxty* consisting of milk, salt, and potatoes was known as 'dippity'. Another variant dish called 'stampy' was made in the same fashion as boxty* bread but prepared with the new season potatoes and often enlivened with cream, sugar, and caraway seeds. In the southwest regions the end of the potato harvest was marked with a 'Stampy Party' when the harvest workers and helpers were treated with copious amounts of stampy bread.

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