Hey there. My name is Cesar Del Solar and I'm here to party.

I am the CTO and co-founder of a company named Leftronic. We rock!

In the very little free time I have left I like playing competitive tournament Scrabble. I am ranked around the top 30 in North America: http://cross-tables.com/results.php?p=13509. Cool! I have a blog here where I write mostly about tournament Scrabble: real lad scores. (It's an anagram of my name).

I also like playing guitar, running, and rooting for FC Barcelona and against Real Madrid. As a matter of fact, I am watching a Real Madrid Liga game now (the first one of the 2012 season! Go Valencia!). I'll probably spend most of the rest of the day coding, but that's ok, it's fun.

I can quote most episodes of the Simpsons till about season 9, as well as parts of the movies Snatch and The Big Lebowski, movies I have watched far too many times. But they're amateurs.

Related to Scrabble, I built a web app where you can study words. I did it mostly to teach myself Django/Javascript before the start-up. Here it is: Aerolith.org.

You can email me at my last name at gmail dot com. Just make it one word. delsolar. That's right.

Brief Auto-Biography

I was born in 1984 in a hospital in the wonderful city of Caracas, Venezuela, to Peruvian parents. When I was little I used to like playing soccer, Mario 3, and hiking in El Avila.

At the tender age of 9, we moved to New York City to seek better opportunities, but not without living in Houston for about a month. I didn't know much English but made a couple of friends. It was about 107 degrees outside every day. I finished middle school at a Catholic school in the Bronx, Our Lady Of Angels, and stayed in Da Boogie Down for a few more years.

I went to high school at Stuyvesant High School, home of the Peglegs or something like that. It's a huge but awesome high school. I took the train every day from the Bronx, which was quite the round trip, and spent most of my time on the train programming my TI-82, playing Pokemon, or solving Rubik's Cubes. Surprisingly, I never got jumped. Somehow I got up at 6 am every day. I'm unable to do that now.

In 2000 I went to college at Caltech, which explains why I have a page here for perpetuity, apparently. I got a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in 2005. College was intense but I kept it as real as I could by joining the best house, Ricketts Hovse. I spent most of college doing homework sets, drinking, and playing guitar in between 1 to 3 bands, sometimes simultaneously.

I worked at NextGen Aeronautics from 2005 until 2011. It is a small aeronautics company where I learned a lot, as most of the time I was working on things not totally related to my field. In 2011 my good friend Rajiv wooed me away to his startup Leftronic, an awesome data visualization startup where I am currently working.

In a dose of good fortune, Leftronic was acquired by AppDirect in mid-2014, and I moved up to the Bay Area. We are still working on making Leftronic the best business dashboard service in the world. Come join us!