This is the official lxrun web site, proudly serving the open-source community since October 1, 1997.

Lxrun is a user-space program that allows users of SCO(r) OpenServer(tm), UnixWare(tm), and Sun(r) Solaris(tm) x86 operating systems to run ELF and a.out format Linux binaries. It was originally written by Mike Davidson of SCO. It is now maintained under the Mozilla license as an open-development effort. The source maintainer is Steven Ginzburg. All suggestions, ideas, and contributions of source code and patches are welcome.


For a number of reasons (such as the pervasiveness of Linux machines in the world, SCO/Caldera's LKP system, and the demands of my day job) lxrun is now officially in "maintenance" mode. This means it works pretty well, but we're no longer making improvements/changes to the source base. As a result, lxrun may not work as expected on newer machines or with newer Linux programs and libraries.

However, I've added a page as a gathering point for useful information contributed by lxrun users.

Download the source code:

Latest version: lxrun-0.9.6pre1.tar.gz

Check out: INSTALL-RH6
It's a shell script that will create a working Linux environment from a Red Hat 6.x install CD! (Requires lxrun-0.9.5 or later.)

Steven Ginzburg (steven at ugcs dot caltech dot edu)

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