October 10, 2008

This is a test of creating an entry on this old, old, unworking weblog.

August 17, 2007

"But I Care About China":

In a less abstract sense, I care about my extended family in China. I care about my wife’s hometown, which I consider my second home — a small town in rural Hubei. I care about the people there, but I don’t go there and start offering advice. I shut up and try to learn something from them. Of course, a lot of China’s big problems are systemic and they affect the people I know and care about. But if China has taught me anything it is the value of shutting up and living your principles rather than preaching them.

Read the whole post by clicking the link above. It's worth it.

August 06, 2007

Flickr user season3 uploaded a set of pictures taken inside Hongkou Stadium in May during its ongoing overhaul. It is set to debut during the Women's World Cup next month.

July 10, 2007

Reading through old issues of "Soju And I" to figure out why he moved back to Korea (I'm up to January of this year and he still hasn't said), I came across this cool post:

Quick, what written characters did the Korean people invent? Anyone? Yes, you in the back there. Why yes they did indeed invent 한글...that's very astute of you. Anything else? Nobody? Well, they also invented some 漢字. Like this one!

畓(논 답)

"Wow...that's like totally awesome and stuff. What does it mean?"

Read on for the answer and more invented characters.

July 08, 2007

From some random Chinese dude's weblog, 苦恼,被现实社会所折磨!:

房子 + 车子 = (美满的)婚姻
House + Car = (Fulfilling) Marriage

房子 + 车子 + 美满的婚姻 = 幸福的生活
House + Car + Fulfilling Marriage = Living Happily Ever After

I've lost track of how many times I've heard this since moving here.

June 24, 2007

Over time this weblog has taken on the function of serving up micro-recommendation of over weblogs covering China and/or Shanghai, which is as fine a purpose as any other. So with not further ado...

Lately I've been looking forward to new posts on Shanghai Scrap, a weblog by a news correspondent working out of Shanghai, one which has been focusing recently on Christianity in China: religion and the state's use of its property, the Vatican's relationship with the State-overseen Catholic church, the printing of Bibles abroad for distribution within China... The picture above was taken from the post on property, and shows Shanghai's St Ignatius Cathedral during the Cultural Revolution when it was repurposed as a grain storage space.

June 20, 2007

Some academics say that the rise of a moneyed class in China won't necessarily lead to democracy. Here's something to toss into the mix:


(BTW, can you guess who 托克维尔 is? I got it right :)

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