The Unofficial Page of The Twelve Swords

Sword-lovers, welcome!

As the Swords themselves were crafted by no mere mortal, so it seems that no web page created by mortal hands should be grand enough to cover them. Indeed, this page is likely doomed to fail -- but only, I hope, in the task of conveying the true grandeur of such magnificent Blades, and the scale of the Folly of the gods in starting the Game with its Twelve Magical Pieces. It is my hope that it suffices as a worthy introduction and a fitting tribute to the Twelve Swords, and the glorious and devious aspects of the magic therein.

- J. Marquis

An Introduction to the Books of Swords

A look at the world and the Weapons featured in the Books of Swords -- for those unfamiliar with this set of works; nothing new to avid readers. Reviews the setting, the sorts of magic employed, and gives a brief look at each of the Twelve Swords. No secrets revealed here... merely a taste to, potentially, get you interested.

All links below point to information that might "spoil" the books for those who've yet to read them.
Newcomers, proceed at your own risk.

The Twelve Swords

A closer look at each Sword, including analysis of their powers and drawbacks, possible inconsistencies in their use, and verses from the Song of Swords.

What Would Happen If...?

Explores the complex interplay of magical powers involved when Swords interact with one another. Includes wild speculation on combinations never witnessed, and alternatives to dissatisfying past encounters.

A Field Guide to the Swords

Learn to recognize a true Sword. Hints for guessing which Sword another person might be holding. How to disguise a godly Blade.

The Books of Swords

Reviews of the Swords books. Critiques, ratings, etc. Contributions are definitely welcome -- this section is currently empty!

Tales and Legends

Stories involving the Swords, as penned by readers -- not by the Master himself. Some would call this fanfic. Again, contributions are encouraged.

Odds and Ends

Great Sword-using party gags. Sword etiquette. Dragon-scale fashion patterns. How to cope with the loss of a Sword. Suggestions for using those bits and remnants Shieldbreaker leaves behind.

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