Aaron Denney

Warning. This page is rather out of date. I'm in the process of moving the information here to http://ofb.net/~wnoise/

First, the obligatory vanity picture.

[A grinning maniac]

I've had a fair number of roommates. You can view them here. And their roommates. And their roommates. And ..., well, you get the picture. Current or former Caltech undergrads, only though. In either PostScript or PNG.

Fine print: rotation roommates do not count. In addition to roommates, I accept house/apartment mates if the set of rooms must be picked together. (So, many off campus alleys do not count.) The roommate sharing need not have happened at Caltech. The basic criteria I'm using is a choice to live together, plus small quarters.

Is my birthday coming up? I have a list of suitable gifts.

Computer type stuff you might want

Okay, so there isn't much yet.

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